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1.18.0 (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10)

Efficient call system for better business!

HitCall is a Finnish-made call system which offers a flexible and affordable solutions for improving the effiency and quality of customer contacts.

The HitCall system reduces manual work, saves time and improves sales.


What is HitCall?

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Why choose HitCall?


HitCall sales representative

Sales representative

Do your work in the office or at home
Automatic calling Boost your use of time!
Call requests + Call history + Notes

HitCall supervisor


You'll only need a computer with internet connection
Manage campaigns and representative groups with ease
Monitor the work of the sales representatives regardless of where they are

HitCall CEO


Affordable and flexible solution for sales
Monitor the quality and profitability
No initial investments


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HitCall call system devices


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HitCall is flexible call system and it is suitable for all B2B and B2C outbound calls: surveys and appointment booking. We also have flexible product development – we meet the individual needs of each customer.


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One tool - all the functions

Sales representatives won't need other applications than HitCall for working - with it one can make calls, create sales, call requests and call recordings.

Easy-to-use and affordable call system

HitCall is a Finnish-made call system and it is design to serve companies as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. Implementing HitCall is easy and does not require initial investments.